corporate profile

世界杯亚预赛赛程 founded in 2007, the formation of a skilled and experienced team of experts for hong kong and neighboring regions to provide professional audio-visual solutions. over the years, 乐鱼app官网在线 has been working closely with many major brand partners, aiming to provide the best service, matching offerings and a variety of up-to-date products to our valued clients.

乐鱼app官网在线 will be your most optimal project specialist.


developing the best talents and being more innovative in the services and solution we offer, in the way we solve problems, and in the way we serve the needs of an increasingly global and diverse customer and partner base.


offering cutting-edge technologies and products for our clients to greet the revolution of smart city.

company qualifications

  • government registered electrical contractor – (registration no : 23637)
  • government logistics department – (supplier code : 0202650)
  • electrical & mechanical services department – (registration no : s0513)
  • education bureau – (group a : audio visual equipment)
  • government licensed security company – (no.: 1391)
  • approved suppliers of materials and specialist contractor for public works – video electronics installation

乐鱼app官网在线 technology ltd is a citibank purchasing card merchant (no.: 4019-742858-4985) that streamline your purchasing process. welcome all government departments use purchasing card as a norm to procure goods and services, we accept and receive payment from the bank within 7 days.